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1095-1989 (R IEEE Guide for Installation of Vertical

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If the average air gap varies appreciably from that shown on the assembly drawing, t h e manufacturer should be consulted. In measuring the air gap, care should be taken to measure from iron to iron a t the tangential center of the pole face. A tapered air-gap gauge or a long feeler gauge may be used. If the end ring of the amortisseur winding projects above the top of the pole, a 28 IEEE GENERATORRdOTORS FOR HYDROELECTRIC APPLICATIONS Std 1095-1989 connecting the strain gauges t o a suitable instrument, a direct reading can be obtained of the thrust load carried by each shoe.

Before drawing the couplings together, their mating surfaces m u s t be in alignment, parallel, clean, and free from burrs. The coupling must be drawn up evenly t o prevent distortion. After the couplings have been drawn together, the bolt holes must be reamed or finishbored (unless this has already been done in a factory assembly) t o fit the permanent bolts. The fit of the bolts should be in accordance with ANSVIEEE Std 810-1987 [SI, unless otherwise specified by the ‘generator manufacturer. The bolts must be tightened evenly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The winding should be in good condition and the tests not applied when the insulation resistance is low because of dirt o r moisture. 10-1977 [21. 5-1955 [ll, and the test procedure should be in accordance with ANSIAEEE Std 113-1985[41. Due to the high voltages used, dielectric tests should be conducted only by experienced personnel, and adequate safety precautions should be taken t o avoid injury t o personnel a n d damage t o property. Following a n alternating-voltage, high-potential test, the tested winding must be discharged to ground before it is touched by personnel.

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