250 Essential Chinese Characters (Volume 2, Revised Edition) by Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

By Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

Greater than an easy replace, 250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 2 offers 250 extra characters within the tremendous necessary studying layout that rookies and academics alike proceed to praise.

Following within the footsteps of the newly published Volume 1, it comprises every thing that today's rookies and lecturers wish: advice for mastery all through; designated workouts in AP-exam layout; revolutionary overview sections; and a number of other indexes.

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Děi certainly will 她 乒乓球 打得 不错。 要不 快 走,我们 就 得 迟到 了。 Tā pīngpāngqiú dǎde búcuò. Yàobú kuài zǒu, wǒmen jiù děi chídào le. She plays table tennis quite well. We’ll be late if we don’t hurry. 3. ‫ڥ‬ᅪ déyì proud of oneself 我 对自己 的 成绩 感到 得意。 Wǒ duì zìjǐ de chéngjì gǎndào déyì. I was proud of my results. Helpful tips: The second horizontal stroke is longer. 1 11 strokes 4 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 28 10 11 CHARACTER 275 之 zhī of 丶# 1 “dot” Radical: Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. ኮ zhī of 3. ኮമ zhīqián beforehand 人民 是 国家 之 材。 节日 之前 你 不可以 打开 礼物。 Rénmín shì guójiā zhī cái.

He was saying only a moment ago that he wanted to go. 5. ට֍ réncái talent 她 是 个 难得 的 人才。 Tā shì ge nándé de réncái. She is a person of extraordinary ability. Helpful tips: The final sweeping stroke comes down from the intersection of the first two strokes. 3 strokes 2 1 3 35 CHARACTER 282 又 Radical: yòu also, again 又 # 24 “again” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. ᆼ yòu again 3. ᆼčᆼ yòu ... yòu both ... and 她 把 信 看了 又 看。 这 种 汽车 又 便宜 又 好。 Tā bǎ xìn kànle yòu kàn. Zhè zhǒng qìchē yòu piányi yòu hǎo.

I forgot to bring my pyjamas. 3. ࿷ລ wǔshuì afternoon nap 中国人 有 午睡 的 习惯。 Zhōngguórén yǒu wǔshuì de xíguàn. Chinese have the habit of taking an afternoon nap. Helpful tips: Each horizontal stroke is evenly spaced. 13 strokes 6 1 3 2 7 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 47 CHARACTER 292 Traditional Form 觉 Radical: 覺 jiào/jué sleep; feel 见 # 93 “see” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. ਥ jiào sleep 4. ਥ‫ ڥ‬juéde feel 一 觉 醒 来 已经 十点半 了。 我 觉得 我的 中文 进步 了。 Yí jiào xǐng lái yǐjīng shídiǎnbàn le. Wǒ juéde wǒde Zhōngwén jìnbù le.

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