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A Borsuk-Ulam Theorem for compact Lie group actions by Biasi C., de Mattos D.

By Biasi C., de Mattos D.

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This quantity offers an account of either the standard and modular illustration thought of the symmetric teams. the variety of functions of this concept is mammoth, various from theoretical physics, via combinatorics, to the examine of the polynomial id algebras; and new makes use of are nonetheless being chanced on.

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S. DeBacker 54 For example, for GL2(k) we have Let Z(G) 5 T denote the center of G. For 1 5 k 5 n define Xk E = Hom(kx,T ) by setting X,(T) (&(S))aj = { s ifi=j=k #k 1 if z = j 0 otherwise, for s E k x . With respect to our choice of a Chevalley basis, we can identify A = d ( T ) ,the apartmentb corresponding to T , with the real vector space (X*(T) @ R ) / ( X * ( Z ( G ) @ ) N. Let 20 denote the origin in A. The apartment of T is an (n- 1)-dimensional Euclidean space spanned by the set (20 xk 1 1 5 k 5 n}.

Proof: If v is in V ( N ) ,then v is a finite linear combination of terms 7r(n)u- u. Let Nj be sufficiently large so that it contains all n appearing in that linear combination. Then the integral over Nj will be 0. 0 Exercise. Prove the other direction of the Lemma. Hint: The vector v is invariant under some N i . Now assume that V is a smooth G-module. Then VN is naturally a smooth 2’-module, and V --+ VN is called the Jacquet functor. The Jacquet functor and the parabolic induction are related by the Frobenius reciprocity: H O ~(V, G I n d g (x))= H O ~( TV , ,6 1 ’ 2 ~ ) Exercise.

Proof: To prove this proposition, we need a result on the asymptotics of matrix coefficients of V . Recall that A,= ( m0a O ). 2: Let V be the Steinberg representation of G. Then, for every v in V , and V in there exists a positive integer i such that v, ("(kX,+ilC')V, 6)= 6(Xa)(7r(kXik')W,5). 2. Let U and 0 be the finite dimensional subspaces generated by v and V over K , respectively. Let u be in U , and for every positive integer a , define u, = 7r(Aa)u- b(X,)u. G. Recall that V ( N )is a union of V ( N j ) ,where V ( N j )is the kernel of the operator Pj(u) = / N j 7r(n)ud n .

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