A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics by R. L. Trask

By R. L. Trask

This dictionary of grammatical phrases covers either present and conventional terminology in syntax and morphology. It contains descriptive phrases, the key theoretical recommendations of the main influential grammatical frameworks, and the executive phrases from mathematical and computational linguistics. It comprises over 1500 entries, supplying definitions and examples, pronunciations, the earliest resources of phrases and recommendations for additional examining, and suggestions approximately competing and conflicting usages. The e-book makes a speciality of non-theory-boumd descriptive phrases, that are prone to stay present for a few years.
Aimed at scholars and academics of linguistics, it permits a reader wondered by way of a grammatical time period to appear it up and find additional analyzing very easily.

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Rn. nt or non-fuifilrnentis rel€vaitt to drc degree of ft3ii1! arigned r. ihe tther (the a0odostsor coD*quent). ype<:'oDcn'conditionals. €n a! a rcriis{icpossibilit}. r! rr is seenns impcssiblc. r\tunli\eh. Eramplesol ofen c{rndilionals: j l! tn rain, slu ntuit ht1,ebeen;n Lrndoa btfar€ naon. \t l,. t,th. ledsoonet. r1io35)ior di3cui\ion. as strings. the formal operation by which two string! are tinked togetherin Iinear sequenc€to form a longer strinS. 'dlstans/ n. Haina. ( 1985)concessiYc clause Aen'seslv/ n.

C | -. (ontrol contlnuous aan'nnjues/ L n. A synonlrn ior p*g'o"i'" : (but see the commentsunder rhat ertry). Dcnonng a con- 9 itituenr ororhergrouping rhich isrealizcdon the surfaceasa single € :' uninrerrupredsequenc€ t"'o contractionAan'rrrkln/ n A \rnglc phoaologrcal ';;;;j;;;^,. l:f: ,;, ,i;, i' i. s, :, c C |I l. ,. ^ | ' '11' -control /kon'rraul/ n. 1. l; some NP a. rl)imponanlin G8. and rn $hi\h lhc non-olefl e *"q9tf emnf\ subiectis conventionallyrepresentedh' r drsrincr I ,:' ! l € ,hy llt a :'l penuodedMary IPRO ,o 8o].

Dt|[&; s€e,for exaftple, Culy (1985). gC lkatl n,l. he subject. rlrf (s€ns€1). 2. Seecoregra[mrr. -. | I ,- il .? :TiX"H#:i:,:':T:"*t'""f:"*il; €+ Il ! I S- ,^ S-! ns/ n. The relation which obtains bctweeo sti,o -Nh (trsudly two NI's in a single sentenc€)both of which G{ 8. nttv. ,,1 + ! ,a a 3: a ? " markeat,the relaiive clauseby a wH-item and the mainclauseby a demonstrative,the whgle thus being characterizedby a structure abng the [nes of'which one . that one' An examplef'om cujerati: maariisaa6eaavyo]r DaakTarnobhaaii che [re dhobii me with came that doctor's brothel is whichwasherman 'The washermanwho camewith me is the doctor'sbrother" Alery Andt€e,s of '@rcrative', Cf.

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