A Grammar of Chukchi by Dunn, M.J.

By Dunn, M.J.

The purpose of this paintings is to supply the 1st fieldwork-based, typologically expert reference grammar of Chukchi, an indigenous language of the north-eastern nook of the Russian Federation. The theoretical process is low-key and eclectic; linguistic phenomena are defined in a way that's, in as far as it really is attainable, theory-neutral, even if the place a department of linguistic thought offers instruments which enable transparent and straightforward description it's used with no hesitation. Linguistic description is, even if, fundamental all through.

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18. BACKGROUND Chapter 1 Bogoras’ major ethnographic publication is The Chukchee (Bogoras 1904-1909). This contains a wealth of beautifully written ethnographic description in the Boasian tradition (Boas edited both Bogoras’ English-language works). This ethnography is greatly respected by contemporary Chukchis, who have access to a Russian translation produced under Bogoras’ guidance (Bogoras 1939a, 1939b)7. The details generally concur with the personal experience of Chukchis who grew up in the tundra prior to the 1970s.

The current legal situation of people wishing to travel within Chukotka is difficult to determine, although the basic principle is that the laws of the closest authority are the ones which are enforced. Administrative difficulties aside, transportation within Chukotka is very difficult to manage. Ground transportation is by means of the vezdexod (‘All Terrain Vehicle’). These are a civilian version of a tracked army personnel carrier. They are slow, dirty, noisy, heavy, ecologically destructive, and horrendously fuel-inefficient.

Skorik (1964:317-318) contains criticism of the Chukchi orthography, which shows that he was aware of the difficulty it causes in learning for non-Russian speakers. 2 Linguistic situation The Chukchi language has very few genetic relatives. Alutor, Koryak and Kerek are all closely related to Chukchi, and are spoken either within Chukchi land or in territories contiguous with it. This group is called is called ‘Chukotian’ or ‘KoryakoChukotian’. The Chukotko-Kamchatkan family consists of these langauges and the language Itelmen (previously known as Kamchadal).

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