A Grammar of the Mongol Language by Chinggaltai

By Chinggaltai

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The proform in the antecedent clause is successfully interpreted also at the ellipsis site despite the lack of a c-commanding binder. d. This proform is interpreted at the ellipsis site as a definite description of the members of the set defined by the quantificational antecedent of the original proform. 36 C O P Y I N G VA R I A B L E S This definite description, moreover, can be quite comfortably paraphrased into an anaphorically used demonstrative expression like that or those. Comparing (32)–(34) with their base-generated counterparts, we have also arrived at the interim conclusion that the derivation of these sentences does not involve any of PF-deletion, reconstruction of unbound proforms or head nominals, vehicle change, and dynamic binding.

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