A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek: According to the by H. St. J Thackeray

By H. St. J Thackeray

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1 2 28 Semitic element 271- LXX Greek [§ 4 and his story of the Infancy. g. g. the Pentateuch, or from the allegories and expositions of Philo to the LXX text which he incorporates in his commentary. The fact that "Hebraisms" are practically a nonentity in the Greek translation of his Jewish f/Var which Josephus made from the Aramaic original points to the same conclusion. Philo and Josephus present us, it is true, with the literary KOLV~, but too sharp a line of demarcation should not be drawn between that species and the vernacular variety, and Jewish-Greek, if it existed, could hardly fail to have left some traces even in such literary writers as these.

I I 1. KLVvpa=i~j::J "a lyre" 1-3 K. 1-2 eh. Sir. I M. (elsewhere rendered by KlfJapa, opyavov, ta'Ar1)pwv). KOPM = i::J , a Hebrew measure equivalent to the l:lOmer, twice in the Pentateuch corresponding to i~M of M. , in 3 K. etc. = M. T. i::J. KVflLVov=lt)::J "cummin" Is. xxviii. 25,27 (already in classical Greek, of Phoenician origin). ALf3avol; = iD:lS "frankincense" (in class. Greek). [Mav~val; renders 11d, ~111 (a garment) in J d. 1-2 K. I Ch. (elsewhere rendered once by XmDv L. vi. 10, twice by (f-Lanov).

Xv. 27 uToAry)--8€paep€LV 8apaep€LV 8€pa7T€LV (once Hellenized into 8€pa7T€LaV I K. xv. 23 B) J d. I K. 4 K. 2 Ch. (elsewhere ro' €7awAa Gen. xxxi. , KEV0T'11epw I K. xix. 13, 16, To' YAV7TTa Ez. xxi. OL Has. iii. 4)--Mavaa, }-taava, }-tavax, }-tavva etc. = i1mt:l "a present" or "sacrifice," 4 K. 2 Ch. 2 Es. Ez. Dan. 8 (elsewhere constantly rendered by awpov or 8vuLa)-NayE(3=:m Jos. Ob. Jer. (3 Ez. ~. a "wine-skin" or "jar" (elsewhere ayy€tov, aUKOi»--~a(3aw8 I K. a (elsewhere 1] 7T€t)W1], Y1] 7T€t)W1], Ta ra7THva).

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