A Sketch of the Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi by Wilde, Christopher P.

By Wilde, Christopher P.

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3. Morphology This section will deal with a range of morphology-related topics from compounding and derivation to nominal and verbal morphology. It is difficult at times to draw a clear line between suffixes and clitics, since these are at times closely interrelated in relation to function. Especially when discussing case, it was essential for purposes of clarity to discuss case inflection and case-marking clitics in the same section. g. case particles, auxiliary verbs) entering into paradigmatic contrasts.

The reader can refer to the audio recordings on the accompanying CD. Photographs 2 and 3. Pāmar P. Rājbanshi (left) and Manorath Rājbanshi Two types of text have been elicited: narrative and descriptive. The descriptive texts were obtained by showing the language informant a photograph relating to some aspect of Rājbanshi culture or surroundings. The informant was then requested to talk about what he saw in the picture. The researcher may have prompted as necessary with extra questions in order to elicit further material.

Formant values for the vowel [i] were extracted from 67 recorded samples of words where the vowel [i] occurs in the initial syllable. Moreover, though there is a degree of (somewhat predictable) overlap between the vowels [i] and [ɪ], there is a clear tendency for the vowel [ɪ] to be slightly more open. Masica (1991:115) mentions a contrast in Bengali which would seem to be very similar: "It is possible to speak of another kind of secondary subsystem, however, consisting not of borrowed sounds but rather of native sounds of marginal status.

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