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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

By Jacquelyn Frank

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Claudia and Jeremy, a tender married couple (she’s an aspiring filmmaker, he’s an indie musician), are at the verge of constructing it. Her first movie used to be a sensation at Sundance and is ready to have its theatrical liberate; he’s assembled a brand new band and is some songs shy of an album. They’ve lately bought their first home—a mid-century bungalow with a panoramic view of Los Angeles—with the mystical counsel of an adjustable-rate personal loan.

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Well ... let’s say he was different. Adam wasn’t known for being touchy-feely. ” Elijah hesitated. “If I took Adam at the time he died and set him up against your dad at the time he died, it’d be a real hard call. But you see, your mother made Jacob more powerful than Adam could ever be alone. However, she also ... ” Elijah stopped with a wince, realizing he had forgotten whom he was talking to. Leah wasn’t left behind. “You mean to say Mama was Daddy’s worst weakness as well, don’t you? It’s okay, Elijah.

The only small thing in the Enforcers’ favor was that Ruth’s Transformed minions couldn’t immediately come to her aid. That wouldn’t last long, however. Ruth only needed a moment of concentration before she could begin teleporting them down to her side a bucketful at a time. Isabella refused to give her the advantage. The Druid released the tight rein she always kept on her ability to dampen the power of any Nightwalker. This was by far her most powerful ability, and it was also the most unpredictable and dangerous to her personally.

She flung herself between those hands and her twitching, seizing mother, throwing her small body protectively over her, not quite realizing yet that her parents’ symbiotic relationship meant her mother’s death knell had already begun at the moment of her sire’s passing. The Vampire grabbed her by the neck of her dress, ignoring her scream and easily overcoming the mighty grip she had on her mama’s clothing. He plucked her up like a fragile little flower and inspected her with a jaundiced eye. “It’s too small to have any power.

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