Advanced Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of Domestic by C.D.N. Singh

By C.D.N. Singh

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The lesions are similar to those of dogs. Icterus and swollen and yellowish liver with petechiae are found in acute septicaemic form. Haemolytic anaemia is seen in the diseased cattle. Microscopically, portal lymphocytic infiltration with splenic haemosiderosis and centrilobular necrosis are noticed in the livers of the affected cattle. Hepatic cells dissociation, cholangitis, congestion and haemosiderosis of the spleen are marked in cattle affected with the Grippotyphosa serotype. Swelling and disorganization of the convoluted tubular epithelium are associated with the presence of bile and haemoglobin in the tubular lumina.

Clots of fibrin and leucocytes are seen in the smaller ducts. Occlusion to the drainage of the exudate leads to growth and spread of the infectious organisms. In Streptococcus agalactiae infection of the udder, there is hyperplastic thickening and cornification of the epithelial lining of the lactiferous ducts and sinuses with infiltration of the inflammatory cells beneath the hyperplastic epithelial cells. The infection spreads to supporting stroma. In virulent infections, the alveolar Epithelium is destroyed and the alveolar walls may collapse against each other with 26 Bacterial Diseases replacement by fibrous tissue growth at later stages.

When 28 Bacterial Diseases the cows are under dry state, the infusion of the udder is done as a preventive measure at the end of the last milking and also at the beginning of the first milking. The presence of antibiotic residues in milk causes sensitivity in human beings. It is better not to use the milk having residues of the antibiotics. There should be lapse of atleast ninty-six hours before consumption of milk from infected quarters. The quarters of lactating animal can be dried by using infusion of the following preparation like 30 to 60 m1 (3% AgN03 soln or 20 ml of 5% copper sulphate soln) or 100 to 300 ml of 1:500 acriflavin solution.

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