Aesthetic Concrete Barrier Design

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Shallow Cobblestone Barrier. After the failure of the deep cobblestone barrier, the depth of the cobblestone surface treatment was reduced to 19 mm and retested by Caltrans. Typical relief of the shallow cobblestone surface is shown in Figure 52. In the pickup truck crash test of this barrier, the drive shaft became dislodged from the transmission. Although the vehicle remained upright during the test, this type of damage was considered by Caltrans to represent a potential rollover risk. As a result, Caltrans decided that the barrier did not meet NCHRP Report 350 evaluation criteria.

Noted that the interaction of the vehicle with this rail is considered to be substantially different than what typically occurs in an impact with a “solid” barrier. In the test of the Oregon barrier, the frame rail of the pickup truck protruded inside one of the “windows” and snagged severely on the inside of one of the concrete balusters. As a result, instead of the load going to the floorboard as it does in most OCD failures, the load was directed to the frame. Therefore, the Oregon bridge rail crash test was not taken into consideration when selecting the failure limit.

The ability to model the geometry of the safety shape barriers and the details of the aesthetic surface treatment (which affects the mechanics of the vehicle-barrier interaction) with a high degree of fidelity. • The availability of a large contact algorithm library. These contact algorithms provide means to model vehicular collisions with roadside objects. PILOT STUDY AND FINITE ELEMENT MODEL VALIDATION In all types of modeling, approximations must be made when trying to represent reality. If finite element analysis is to be used to assess the effects of surface treatments on concrete median barriers, the vehicle and barrier models must be capable of capturing the dynamic response associated with a concrete barrier impact.

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