African American Settlements in West Africa: John Brown by Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

By Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

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Hence, he decided to resign as a coeditor of Freedom’s Journal on March 28, 1829, obviously as a result of the protests against his procolonization position. The money, in all cases may be sent by mail. 30 This was followed by his emigration to Liberia on the vessel, Susan, in 1829. Russwurm, again, highlighted his reasons for leaving America for Liberia immediately following his arrival to the latter, thus: It is with much pleasure that we have witnessed the daily spreading of the cause of colonization.

Ephrain Bacon, Jonathan B. Winn, Christian Wiltberger, and Joseph R. The Nautilus anchored at Fourah Bay, Sierra Leone with its crews on March 9, 1821. 19 Against this backdrop, the two groups under the leadership of Bacon, Winn,Wiltberger, and Andrus were to start afresh in search of a suitable location for the establishment of the proposed colony. 2 The ACS published The African Intelligencer in Washington, DC under the editorship of Jehudi Ashmun who later served as the Liberian Governor from 1822 to 1828.

Kizell is a second Paul Cuffee. He has a good mind and considerable knowledge. His writings discover him to be a man of sense and worth. He has a good heart and no one . . [is] more anxious for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the Africans, and their descendants [than him]. He has enlarge views [and he] believes with . . confidence . . [that] the time has arrived when the descendants of Africa abroad shall begin to return to their own country. His mind relies on the promises of God. 16 Hence, Kizell’s misleading statement that the chiefs around the Sherbro Island area had approved the establishment of the proposed American colony on the island was accepted at face value by Mills and Burgess.

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