After Art by David Joselit

By David Joselit

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13 ) section is an arch . A stone dome has the exact same previously structural qualities as an arch and also the stone wall. have been flat and angular. There is another family The stones are held together in compression; if the The triangle-based forms discussed of recently popular curved forms, domes, derived stone sphere were to have pressure from the outside from the sphere . The sphere is the most uniformly released it would fall apart, as would the stone wall if structural shape possible for resisting a load from any gravity were to cease its pull .

Now imagine that glue is sandwiched between each card in a flat deck and the deck is clamped together until the glue is set . In the hand the deck has become solid; no longer can finger and thumb bend it . If the deck is placed in a vise and coaxed into a bend, its failure will eventually occur by a tearing apart of the cards. If the glue is strong, the ends of the deck will remain fairly square . An examination of the broken deck will reveal that the cards on the outside of the 2-9 This drawing might help to give a glimpse of the balance and interplay of forces taking place within a complex form supporting only its own weight.

The Brooklyn Bridge also is a tension structure that relies upon the land about it to hold it in its position of stretched tension. 2-7 B 35 36 considerations. The structure created from the beam varied tremendously from part to part, each area of the form responded to localized needs. ( 9 ) In all structures the forces o f stress are the same: compression, tension, torsion, shear, and bending. Before examining the other aspects of structure it might be well to investigate these five forces to understand how they regulate structure and form so definitively .

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