AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean by George Clement Bond, John Kreniske, Ida Susser, Joan Vincent

By George Clement Bond, John Kreniske, Ida Susser, Joan Vincent

This e-book bargains specified ethnographic experiences from Africa and the Caribbean to provide an explanation for AIDS in an international and comparative third-world context. The essays stream past scientific or epidemiological types, explaining the epidemic in its financial, social, political, and historical contexts.

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G. Duncan, Tibaux, Pelzer, et al. 1994:332), or that men should regard faithfulness as a reason to boast (Vos 1994:202). Such studies confirm accounts af the powerlessness of women in conjugal and regular sexual relationships to safeguard themselves from the consequences of their partner" extra-marital relationships or other marriages in r, indeed, from risks in thir own sexual liaisons, That there are, though, problems in referring to "Africa" in this respect (as in others)" is Anne It, Akeroyd 26 shown by the degree of control Yoruba women have over their male partners (Ombuloye, CaIdwelt, and Caldwelf 1993).

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