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Algebres de Lie Libres et Monoides Libres by G. Viennot

By G. Viennot

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The representation theory of the symmetric group

This quantity offers an account of either the normal and modular illustration idea of the symmetric teams. the variety of functions of this conception is sizeable, various from theoretical physics, via combinatorics, to the examine of the polynomial identification algebras; and new makes use of are nonetheless being came across.

359th Fighter Group

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Since B is nondegenerate, so(p, q) is a Lie subalgebra of sl(n, R). To obtain a basis-free definition of this family of Lie algebras, let B be a nondegenerate symmetric bilinear form on an n-dimensional vector space V over F. Let {v1 , . . 2). Let µ(T ) be the matrix of T ∈ End(V ) relative to this basis . When F = C, then µ defines a Lie algebra isomorphism of so(V, B) onto so(n, C). When F = R and B has signature (p, q), then µ defines a Lie algebra isomorphism of so(V, B) onto so(p, q). 2. We define sp(n, F) = {X ∈ M2n (F) : X t J = −JX} .

1. Let {v1 , . . , vn } and {w1 , . . , wn } be bases for an F vector space V . Suppose a / V has matrices A and B, respectively, relative to these linear map T : V bases. Show that det A = det B. 2. Determine the signature of the form B(x, y) = ∑ni=1 xi yn+1−i on Rn . 3. Let V be a vector space over F and let B be a skew-symmetric or symmetric nondegenerate bilinear form on V . Assume that W is a subspace of V on which B restricts to a nondegenerate form. Prove that the restriction of B to the subspace W ⊥ = {v ∈ V : B(v, w) = 0 for all w ∈ W } is nondegenerate.

Then F is a subalgebra of O[G], and we have just verified that the matrix entry functions and det−1 are in F. Since these functions generate O[G] as an algebra, it follows that F = O[G]. 31) as µ ∗ ( f ) = ∑ fi ⊗ fi . i This shows that µ is a regular map. Furthermore, Lg∗ ( f ) = ∑i fi (g) fi and R∗g ( f ) = ∑i fi (g) fi , which proves that Lg and Rg are regular maps. Examples 1. Let Dn be the subgroup of diagonal matrices in GL(n, C). The map (x1 , . . , xn ) → diag[x1 , . . , xn ] from (C× )n to Dn is obviously an isomorphism of algebraic groups.

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