An Atlas of Gross Pathology by Christopher D. M. Fletcher, Philip H. McKee

By Christopher D. M. Fletcher, Philip H. McKee

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II' calcification . 30 Small intestinal ischaemia. l IW 11111 1IIIIrkedly congested This is the apreArli1 II " ",I Uti li' IIIIW," wall, but lesser degrees of ischacllliu III, IY I' " ,ri ll I J' ,dl llice ration . oIly ,,,Irrhac in origin, occluding il hmlJl:hlll II,,, '''II'' I III ,OII"IV Olher ca uses include Severn hy""I"I II,JI II' II, II I 1i1" "I' III 1;,touS vessel, retrograci e IIlfarc' tllll J

Til e liVl)1 I:. I ""I_11111 1 111 "111,1111 , Ihe capsule has a wrinklcri, I a lil t'l l 1. I"\I' · tr" polic necros is is unCO lTl1l10ll PUI r: : " '11 ' ,1 I,. " III,; I. : (1I ~. udl ly I II 1 1 III III "~ I I" " 1 I I). "" " I! 1 /1I 1 III' \ ! " II ' 11I y J II It II [ II It! ; In II,; Il clllll lf(~ lillli II I 1 Ulpll lIy ',11111 11 \111111 4 Hepatobiliary System carcinoma. The terminal ileum and caecum have show three separate lesions arising in the proximal largesl (left) is an ulcerated adenocarcinoma neoplastic polyps.

16 Bleeding gastric ulcer. 17 Perforated gastric ulcer. Perforation of chroni c peptic ulcers. e. disruption of the full thickness of the stomach wall, occurs in up to 5% of cases. This is a life-threatening complication which results in peritonitis . In this specimen, while a small area of granu­ lation tissue remains at the superior border of the ulcer, perforation has oc curred and part of the left lobe of the liver is visible through the floor of the lesion. 18 Chronic atrophic gastritis. This'stomach shows extreme atrophy and pallor with loss of the mucosal folds and marked attenua­ tion of the gastric wall, such that it is almost translucent.

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