Analytics and Modern Warfare: Dominance by the Numbers by M. Taillard

By M. Taillard

This e-book info very easily and for even the main beginner of power analysts not just the right way to practice analytics which describe what's taking place, expect what will occur, and optimize responses, but additionally areas those analytics within the context of proactive process improvement.

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Trends such as this are simplest when calculated linearly, that is to say, as a straight line which, as you may recall from introductory algebra, is calculated using the equation y = mx + b, wherein y is the variable value being forecasted, b is the value of the dependent variable being modeled when the independent variable being used as a predictor is 0 (also known as the y-intercept), and m is the slope of the line. The slope of the line is a calculation of whether the value is trending up or down, and how drastically it is changing; a steeper line indicates more quickly changing values.

In order to eliminate the impact of sampling bias, random selection is used. Another implication of the law of large numbers is that the more samples taken will be more greatly representative of the population, on an analysis of those samples. In theory, sample sizes are chosen with a set statistical strength, variance, or error in mind, and the sample must be large enough to meet minimum requirements of strength or certainty. In practice, deadlines and funding tend to be just as important, but with a sufficiently large sample size, another interesting thing happens, described by something called the central limit theorem.

The important thing is to capture the functionality of the thing being modeled in a quantitative form, which can be used to properly analyze that thing. Quantitative models are generally represented in two ways: equations and graphs. Equations are used to make calculations, and to determine the precise value of whatever is being determined; it is the more functional and accurate of the two forms a model can take. Many people have difficulty visualizing or even understanding equations, however, which is why graphs and charts are frequently used to visually illustrate the relationships of the values being included in the equation.

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