Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses–1973 by Kurt Niedenzu

By Kurt Niedenzu

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2^, 66 (1973). , 2 L 1 0 5 0-973)· Edwin Hengge and Guenther Bauer, ANGEW. , 8i£, 304 (1973). R. J. Boettcher, D. Gust, and K. Mislow, J. AMER. CHEM. , 2Sf 7158 (I973). N. Wiberg and B. Neruda, CHEM. , £2* 740 (I966). E. Hengge, G. Bauer and H. Marketz, Z. ANORG. ALLG. , 394, 93 (I972). V. G. Noskov, L. N. Kalinina and M. A. Eriglin, ZH. OBSCH. KHIM. 42, 2028 (I972). P. Hoefler and H. D. Pletka, M0NATSH. , 104, 1 (1973). V. V. Moskovtsev, S. A. Golubtsov, K. A. Andrianov, and R. A. Turetskaya, IZV.

766,1 4 6 (1972). m, 27. H o b e r g , J U S T U S L I E B I G S ANN. , 1 4 2 (1972). P . Y u r ' e v , G . A . T o l s t i k o v , I . M. Salimgareeva, A . V . K u c h i n , V . I . K h v o s t e n k o and A . K . G a z i z o , ZH. OBSHCH.. KHIM. J $ 3 9 2071 (1973) G . A . R a z u v a e v , V . A . Dodonov and V . V . C h e s n o k o v , ZH. OBSHCH. , 42, 1975 (1972). V . N. Pankratova, L . P . S t e p o v i k , I . V . L o m a k o v a and L . A . Pogodina, ZH. OBSHCH. K H I M . , 42, 1752 (1972).

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