Anti-Semitism and Its Metaphysical Origins by David Patterson

By David Patterson

This ebook articulates a deeper figuring out of the phenomenon of Jew hatred as a metaphysical point of the human soul. continuing from the Jewish pondering that the anti-Semites oppose, David Patterson argues that anti-Semitism arises from the main historic of temptations, the temptation to be as God, and therefore to escape from an absolute responsibility to and for the opposite man or woman.

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9. , 62. , 65. , 80. , 120. , 179–180. Preliminary Explanations 29 embarrassed by its often harsh criticisms of Jewry. Antisemites, on the other hand, frequently praised it. .. ”12 Lazare’s tendency to blame the Jews for being an object of hatred sets a precedent for some, although not all, of the subsequent attempts to explain the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, even when the explanation is rooted in an ostensibly genuine concern for the Jews. All too often the Jew hater is somehow exonerated, since his hatred issues from cultural, psychological, or sociological forces outside his control.

W. Menzi and Z. : Aronson, 1999), 13. Emmanuel Lévinas, Time and the Other, trans. Richard A. : Duquesne University Press, 1987), 51. Anti-Semitism as Deicide 19 limitations outlined in the covenant of Torah – a covenant to which God binds Himself – the limiting principle is what characterizes the Good as a living presence that issues from the Holy One. The false god one would become through deicide, the god that the anti-Semite would become, is the god without limits, the totalitarian god, the god not of loving relation but of overwhelming domination, the evil god who will brook no alterity.

Once the thinking ego becomes such a ground, God becomes superfluous, and mystical anti-Semitism becomes exterminationist anti-Semitism: “When theology became obsolete through the cooling of faith and atheistic indifference, the Jews became pure Evil. There was then no rationale for their existence – no reason they should not be exterminated. They no longer had to be sustained as Witnesses to the Truth of the Cross. ”35 If one should wonder how a notion of evil can remain after the elimination of God, the answer is that modern thought has not gotten rid of God – it has usurped Him.

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